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What is THE looking for?

Unique properties we can let as a weekend or weekly holiday home - an offering one would expect in a 5* star hotel. Cleo, an Interior Designer, having run a successful design studio for the past 20 years specialises in luxury residential projects so is sensitive to all grades of property.

Criteria THE are looking for in their exclusive properties be it renting, buying or managing

  • Typical duration of rental agreement dependent on investment is 3, 5 or 10 years
  • Private location, character and proximity [for example walks / good food / distance to coast ]  

Security, privacy and protection

  • THE do not disclose exact locations until agreement of guests booking contract 
  • THE will not disclose at any point reference to landlord 
  • THE team and direct supply chain sign an NDA to never disclose who is visiting the property [it is only by prior agreement from the guest / landlord that this would be considered]
  • Guests pay a considerable cautionary deposit when booking their escape in case of any damage caused or contract terms breached this could be withheld [Cleo and Andrew have been running one of their properties for over 8 years and have had very few issues arise] 

Typical guests to the property

  • THE rent their properties to private individuals who are looking for a luxury few days away from their busy lives
  • THE do not generally accept stag or hen bookings

Benefit to THE landlord if leasing

  • Property improvement
  • No work required by the landlord 
  • Weekly housekeeping and maintenance to a 5* standard
  • Garden maintained weekly to an immaculate condition with vegetables / fruit for guests  to enjoy
  • Long term monthly revenue guaranteed with no rental breaks or agency tenant fees or refurbishment costs
  • THE are open to landlord contract stipulations [within reason] 
  • Supporting local employment and suppliers as an important part of THE HOME ESCAPE ethos

Finding THE properties

THE do not sit behind a desk and search on the Internet looking for properties, or write about the local area by following the local trends. No, THE team get in their eco vehicles [low in emissions part electric] and visit the local areas to promote the best in the locality. THE then share this knowledge with Investors, Clients and Guests.

We hope this outline gives you a short and concise idea of how we work and what we are looking for. If you want to read more of what we can offer a house owner, go to the "owners" section

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