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Are you looking for something to invest in that will return more than you will get from your hard earned notes sitting in the bank - THE has a solution.

What can you expect?

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You can expect between 5 -11% return on your investment paid annually with all the security you require. Your investment can either go into THE business directly or we can find you a desirable property that you can call your own. Managed under THE BRAND we can almost guarantee your property will sell quickly if you wish to do so at a later date, hold but most likely increase its value, be looked after and refurbished to a high standard and if you choose ... on occasions somewhere to enjoy yourselves.

Your investment will be "as safe as houses". There is a reason for that saying because if invested sensibly that is the truth of it - bricks and mortar are the safest means of investment in the United Kingdom if you have the time to do the research!

We would love to share our research with you if you can spare us some time. With 50 years collectively in property investment and Interior Design and THE team behind us, we believe we have a failsafe solution.

As I am sure you can imagine, there are lots of different investment opportunities in THE business. Whether this be in one or more properties alone, a shared investment or in THE business itself. So if you are looking for something to invest in or looking for an alternative to a Pension this could be the solution.

Talk to us.

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The Home Escape Holiday Rental Testimonials

THE HOME ESCAPE has been managing our property and we could not be more delighted with the professionalism and courtesy they went about their initial introduction. This has allowed us, as owners, to earn what we had previously but have no involvement allowing us to be doing what we should be doing in our retirement!

The Evesham Family