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Well if you are a home owner and with another agent we will treat you like no other! How do we know this and can be so sure, because we are home owners and have been doing this for ten years.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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We left our previous agent over a year and a half ago who we would consider to be one of the best in our niche marketplace. Feeling restricted as a client in what we could offer our guests our initial thoughts were that we would go out to our industry and find the best of the best and invite them to visit us to see what they could bring to managing our properties. By the end of that week, having completed these interviews THE was born!

We took the decision that if we wanted to give our guests the service they deserved we needed to do this ourselves and the biggest bonus of all was that we could deliver the same to THE OWNERS.

If being honest [we do not do it any other way] this was not our intention at first. Now, a year down THE line and after much hard work and investment, we have created our own offering. Has it been easy? No - but we have learnt so much, and now at the end of the experience we are raring to go!

Another thought is that we value every little bit of feedback and constructive criticism we can get and would not take offence to this, as we believe this will only improve THE business. We would like to add that we have only been on this side of the fence for 12 months which could be seen as negative but THE good news is that we have been home owners in our marketplace for 10 years selling over 38 weeks every year! We know exactly what our customers want for the reason we want to take this to a new level, and more importantly, to keep it there. We see this more as a positive!

We have some of the best technology, tools and experience in this field today to help increase your commission, ease communication, providing an excellent booking experience. Strict security standards, meaningful management information, tracking profit by owner and property and effective marketing offering useful information in THE owner login area. Communicating by text or SMS, setting up suppliers and managing their payments.

As we say to our guests “THE HOME ESCAPE are here to make your stay as perfect as we would expect ourselves and nothing less.”

Cleo Dickson "We look forward to meeting you"!

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The Home Escape Holiday Rental Testimonials

THE HOME ESCAPE has been managing our property and we could not be more delighted with the professionalism and courtesy they went about their initial introduction. This has allowed us, as owners, to earn what we had previously but have no involvement allowing us to be doing what we should be doing in our retirement!

The Evesham Family

Pasfield + Park Interior Design - [THE HOME ESCAPE] has just completed the second of two phases of a major refurbishment of our farmhouse barn. Her input has completely transformed the property and we could not be more pleased with what she has delivered. She has brought ideas and finishes to the scheme that we would never have thought of but she has been meticulous in making sure that we were happy with every proposal before we were committed to it. We now have a property that we could not be more pleased with. The project has exceeded our expectations and we feel fortunate to have had Cleo to design it. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with her.



Renzo and Lucia