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Chris THE gardener, no petrol required at THE properties!

Scythe courses are based around lightweight Austrian scythes. Similar principles can be applied to the heavier English scythes, but the continental version now available makes it possible for anyone to enjoy mowing, without the noise and pollution which accompany the petrol powered brush-cutter.

To realise one’s potential with a scythe a degree of skill is required. Instruction is provided on the three interacting factors that make for successful mowing:

How to set up a scythe correctly for a persons stature, how to keep the edge sharp, how to mow with a movement that is efficient for the body and effective in cutting grass or weeds.

A full day course is recommended, to provide the best platform for developing techniques with subsequent practice. It is best to learn on grass, but training can be adapted to circumstances and requirements. Shorter sessions can be provided if thought viable, as can instruction for group events. Making ones own snath (handle) can also be taught or demonstrated, based on the simple straight snath design from eastern Europe.

Other training opportunities instruction in coppicing and hedge-laying

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THE Scythe courses THE Scythe courses
  • THE Scythe courses
  • THE Scythe courses

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