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Offering a very exclusive portfolio of hand-picked private holiday home rental properties, set in stunning locations. You may ask us to manage the property for you, or prefer to do this yourself. You may live in your property and only want to rent it out when you go away throughout the year. Or, you may ask us to help you find a property that you will then rent to us. The Home Escape works with you to make it work for you. 

CLEO DICKSON - The founder of THE Home Escape.
THE Interior Designer    

Interests Reading, food, travel, running, snowboarding, kayaking

Spare time Given time my perfect weekend would be spent in the Swiss Alps enjoying the great outdoors with Andrew and the boys

Guilty pleasure Downton Abbey

Favourite food | drink Fresh Spaghetti Neapolitan, Chateau Margaux

History Surrounded with design all of her life [award winning architect in her father and architecture pr pro in her mother] Art + Design and Travel were always at the forefront of life. Having extensively travelled Europe as a student [crewing/delivering yachts around the British Isles to fund it] Cleo went on to study Photography and Design through her university years. With a slight curveball then working in Film and TV production she then decided to focus on where her passion lay and founded Pasfield & Park Interiors - they focus on luxury high end residential and hospitality projects across Europe. 

THE Home Escape trades as TRAVELINI Ltd.

THE BOYS      Designer, The Stig, Singer, Game Ranger  

Interests Any sport, diggers, football, filmmaking                      

Spare time Our perfect weekend would be a good lie-in, Xbox, country walk, skiing, rugby match, good film in front of the fire and nice home cooked food

Guilty pleasure Texting, Gold Rush, YouTube, Lego

Favourite food | drink Champ, Escargot, Chorizo Risotto, Margherita Jambon | Coca-Cola

History Born in Winchester, bred in Dorset. 

Comforter and companion
Interests Running, sleeping, food                                                                        

Spare time My perfect weekend would be spent with my family running on the rolling hills of Dorset, then a nice long sleep in-front of the aga 

Guilty Pleasure Snoring, sleeping on the sofa!

Favourite food | drink Bakers chicken and rice and a nice bowl of tea  

History  I started off being really cute, then I moved on to being a professional nibbler, chewer and now in my latter years I am a great companion.