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Teamwork has meaning when you care and that is what THE strive to achieve

Interesting people create unique experiences, allowing their employees to be individuals and THE TEAM are as important as any other part of our business.

We believe true responsibility comes from feeling not just in charge, but encouraged to do what is right and best. Given a task they will embrace it and complete it using their best judgement. Why? Because they understand their efforts impact on THE clients and guests.

THE HOME ESCAPE already have a purpose, but like to take it a step further and let THE TEAM create a few of their own. Whether that be for our customers, or for example, selecting a charity of their choice in the local community where the THE property is located, to receive THE tuck box takings.

We all hope to work with people we admire and respect and we want to be more than a title, more than a role, we want to be a person too. That's why at THE a kind word, a quick discussion about family, a brief chat about the weekend - those moments are infinitely more important than any meeting or performance evaluations.

THE TEAM have all the skill sets and personalities to not only manage your property but to make your stay as a guest the very best.