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Teamwork has meaning when you care and that is what THE strive to achieve

Interesting people create unique experiences, allowing their employees to be individuals and THE TEAM are as important as any other part of our business.

We believe true responsibility comes from feeling not just in charge, but encouraged to do what is right and best. Given a task they will embrace it and complete it using their best judgement. Why? Because they understand their efforts impact on THE clients and guests.

THE HOME ESCAPE already have a purpose, but like to take it a step further and let THE TEAM create a few of their own. Whether that be for our customers, or for example, selecting a charity of their choice in the local community where the THE property is located, to receive THE tuck box takings.

We all hope to work with people we admire and respect and we want to be more than a title, more than a role, we want to be a person too. That's why at THE a kind word, a quick discussion about family, a brief chat about the weekend - those moments are infinitely more important than any meeting or performance evaluations.

THE TEAM have all the skill sets and personalities to not only manage your property but to make your stay as a guest the very best.

THE Escape manager

Interests Reading [especially crime novels], music, travel, tennis, skiing

Spare time Would be spent with my family and friends, walking on the beach, enjoying a lovely meal and chatting away 

Guilty pleasure Good old black and white Czech films 

Favourite food | drink Crispy duck; pistachio ice-cream, Ice-tea; Kirsch with orange juice

History History isn't what happened, but a story of what happened. And there are always different versions, different stories, about the same events. 

THE Gardener

Interests History & future of agricultural hand tools, nature and photography

Spare time Meeting old friends at one of the increasing number of scythe competitions around the country.

Guilty pleasure Great Dorset Steam Fair!

Favourite food | drink Real ale, especially a hoppy bitter

History background in nature conservation, looking after nature reserves in the voluntary sector. His work also now includes training groups and individuals to use imported Austrian scythes. Get in touch to add to your life skills, no petrol required!

THE Gardener

Interests All aspects of gardening, wildlife, keeping fit, playing piano and the cinema

Spare time A trip to the coast with the children and the dog, having a walk there and ending up at a lovely pub for a meal for all to enjoy

Guilty pleasure A good thriller with a nice glass of wine and some tasty nibbles

Favourite food | drink Cheese with fresh bread, Mediterranean cuisine

History Having had a career in London, done some travelling. I now love living in rural Dorset where I work hard bringing up my 4 beautiful children and fitting work around the family

THE Housekeeper

Interests Walking and enjoy nice meals out                                                          

Spare time My perfect weekend would be nothing more than a nice weekend away

Guilty pleasure Lots of chocolate

Favourite food | drink A nice glass of chilled rose

History The other occupation is to cut and style hair, this is something I have enjoyed and have done for some time

THE Chef

Interests Reading, Scotty dogs, good food and travel                            

Spare time I don't have any! But I do like quality time spent around the kitchen table with the family

Guilty pleasure A good thriller with a nice glass of wine and some tasty nibbles

Favourite food | drink Homemade Ravioli with Chicken and Asparagus

History With over 25 years experience in hospitality and private catering being a professional chef. Born and bred in the North Island of New Zealand I moved to the UK 10 years ago and have worked and fed some of NZ and English most discerning, well-heeled diners.  When not preparing food, I am thinking about food, growing it, or figuring out how to get my hands on the best in season produce. This is not a job, this is my life … 

THE Apothecary

Interests Walking, playing the piano, genealogy, hiking, canoeing               

Spare time Madeleines & coffee in bed to start, a long walk by the sea on a cool crisp day in autumn, hot soup included, later a bottle of wine and an open fire.

Guilty pleasure all of the above

Favourite food | drink Venison, braised red cabbage, blackberries, honey roasted root veg. Dessert - elderflower panna cotta with gooseberries, followed by a nice glass of homemade sloe gin!

History 20 years experience in herbs and natural skincare, an honours degree in Herbal Medicine, visiting patients from her practice, as well as running Roundhill Herbs making goat's milk soap, teas, and natural skincare products. Kate also finds time [we don't know how] to run herb walks, talks and courses in medicinal plants and making skincare products. Previously a firefighter at Sherborne station, forestry and conservation, a farmer with traditional breed cattle, sheep and pigs, as well as goats, which she still keeps today.