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We found a property, which we thought would fit perfectly into THE portfolio. The landlord had been searching for a responsible tenant that would look after their investment as if it were their own. Having been on the market for a little while THE got into THE ‘Ecobot’ [149 mpg part electric] and approached the home owner to discuss why they should consider making THE right move!

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THE explained that they could have, the best of both worlds. THE, would manage their life investment, meaning they would not only look after it like their own properties but also to the standard of a five star hotel. THE would match and pay the residential price they would otherwise obtain on the local market and in doing so would take all the hassle that comes with renting in that way. At the same time, THE in turn giving assurance to the landlord and a better quality of life to free up more time for them to do enjoy what they should really be doing!

Further benefits to the owners would be a long term rent and a contract [3+ years] with no need to employ an agent every year or so to find a new suitable tenant. Also which would remove the instance of having any in-between tenants and refurbishment costs. THE would also guarantee an exceptional standard of housekeeping and property maintenance including maintaining the garden weekly [as THE guest ultimately to the property would expect this to be perfectly looked after and in good order].  A further benefit to the owners, is that on taking up a property in this way THE may well invest in the property at their own cost also dependent on the term to perhaps replace a kitchen or refurbish an oak floor for example or install a new bathroom.
Benefits would also stretch to the local economy also as THE are passionate about only sourcing products and services from the local community to each property they have. Looking at the statistics also to their existing portfolio THE guests can be spending £1,000 a week on average on local businesses and services. Alongside this throughout the year and for all bookings across the portfolio every penny received into the THE Tuckbox takings goes directly to a local charity chosen quarterly by THE Housekeeping team.
Over and above these points mentioned above and most importantly the landlord would not have to bear the weekly cost and hours of managing the property allowing them the highly valuable commodity of time to either pursue another income stream or to simply enjoy life itself more and in a stress free way!
At the end of THE term the owner will receive back their property investment not only with an increased value but often in a better state than when THE take it on. They will also have benefited not only financially over the term but in time saved also.

Earnings over a three-year term on a typical residential period:
- Rental income £30,600
- Less £2,000 agent fees
- Less £3,000 refurbishment costs
- Resulting in £25,600
A three-year term with THE would equate to £30,600 in earnings plus a property returned in a better and improved state and enabling extra spare time to owners.

A property owner may think they need to sell a property and THE may consider buying it if it fits THE criteria.
Or someone may be looking for an investment which THE could manage and enable that investors property for them to enable them to receive a nice constant earning revenue and, in turn, if then chosen to be sold by the investor would likely be done at a better price based on the return it would have been producing over the management term at that later date. At such a point, THE, would return the landlord more than they would have earned if their capital had been sitting in the bank! With the security for the landlord being the fact that they own the ‘bricks and mortar’ and also that THE will only invest in very special places that they are confident will sell in any market.
You could even try a hand at home letting yourself if you choose to? All THE would insist on, to assist you in this, would be to maintain certain THE standards and within the property the continuity of The Home Escape branding and product placement to be kept.
If you are serious about investing in THE, or you have a property that you feel would fit THE bill, do get in touch as we would love to share our vision with you.
We will be looking to host some special events throughout THE calendar for our frequent guests, homeowners and investors and would like you to be part of THE experience.

The Home Escape Holiday Rental Testimonials

THE HOME ESCAPE has been managing our property and we could not be more delighted with the professionalism and courtesy they went about their initial introduction. This has allowed us, as owners, to earn what we had previously but have no involvement allowing us to be doing what we should be doing in our retirement!

The Evesham Family