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Do you have a property to rent or for sale that has been sitting on the market for a while?

Why not try your hand at the very best of the holiday home market? Either by managing it yourself or by letting THE HOME ESCAPE manage the whole process for you. We will equip you with all our branding, technology, skills and products to make your home the very best.

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We can do this in many ways that will suit your lifestyle - you may want to use your property at times throughout the year in which we can book those weeks out for you or you may want us to manage your guests throughout the whole years calendar.

It could not be easier, whether you already have a furnished property, we will assess your needs with our Interior Designer to create a home that our guests know very well and will deliver what they are so used to having. Or if your property is unfurnished, we would even consider improving and furnishing it ourselves [this will always need to be reflected in either the rental return or the term in which we manage your property of course].

We are very flexible in what we offer and decisions are made quickly due to the people that are directly involved being the proprietors of THE business. Andrew who has 25 years under his belt in Real Estate and Cleo in Interior Design. We and THE team have every skill to make your property one of the most desirable properties on the holiday home rental market now and for as long as you will allow us!

Our mission is to host 20 - 30 properties of the very best and no more. Why?

Because we want them to stay that way - we, with our owners, will continue to reinvest into THE properties so that when THE new guests arrive they will not only return but also look to try another Home Escape.

What are the benefits of joining THE HOME ESCAPE?

To be honest there are many.

If selling, trying to sell or not wanting to sell. You could keep hold of this investment and create a very nice return until you see fit that it is the right time. By then you, THE Owner and THE will have created a very special holiday home rental property that will for sure have added value.
If renting and comparing against a traditional rental market, your property is kept to a five star standard every week. For example any little scuff or mark arising needs to be erased immediately as our customers do not expect anything less. You will not experience any rental break, any agent fees to look for new tenants and most likely [in all the years we have been in this market] achieve a better rental than you would on a traditional rental market.
Our proposal works for all involved, us as the agent, the local community, THE guests and as importantly for THE Owner. You have no worries in terms of how your home will be looked after as we at THE will look after it as if it were our own and so will our guests. We attract guests that are the best of the best that respect what we are trying to do and they know if they do not look after THE property this is something that they would not be able to experience again. We are very proud of our non-damage statistics that is less than 0.1% of our total bookings.

To see a case study of how and what we can achieve, visit THE Case Study page under THE OWNERS area. If you are interested in what you read then contact us and we will be more than happy to visit you.

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The Home Escape Holiday Rental Testimonials

THE HOME ESCAPE has been managing our property and we could not be more delighted with the professionalism and courtesy they went about their initial introduction. This has allowed us, as owners, to earn what we had previously but have no involvement allowing us to be doing what we should be doing in our retirement!

The Evesham Family